Heart of Gold - Living Your Hero's Journey

To be living your own Path is a most extraordinary way to live.  To feel Life coursing through you, revealing layer after layer of your own True Self. Living the life of your own choosing is the greatest gift that you can give yourself.

You came into this life with the intention of opening up to and allowing your Self to follow your own unique Path to live the full range of the Human Experien

Your Path has always been there.  You may have been on it a long time, but not know it because you didn’t have a map.  Perhaps you have lost touch with what makes you feel the most alive.  Your Path is still there, and it's awaiting your return.

A short clip from "Finding Joe" regarding "The Call" to your Journey.

It’s time to get back onto Your Path.  Enter a world-wide community of support, inspiration, direction, connection, inquiry, and self expression.

Live in the presence of Adventure, Community, and Spirit.

Re-discover that which makes you feel most alive, and reclaim your own True Self.

Welcome aboard,

     Lorenzo Gramlich

The film below, "What is the Hero's Journey?" is an excellent introduction to Joseph Campbell's work, by Pat Soloman, who is the creator of the film "Finding Joe" which is an integral part of this book.  This 11 minute presentation will help you to understand your own life's journey and what can be possible in your life.  Take the the time to watch it now.  You'll be thanking me soon. 

At Heart of Gold we're up to big things.

  Adventures that are worth taking.

   We’re on our Path. We’re on our Hero’s & Heroine’s Journeys.

      We’re doing it together, in a world-wide online Community.

         Come.  Back to your Path.

            Onward, into your Journey.

               Now is the time to step in.

                  Welcome to Heart of Gold.


To listen to "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young, click on heart of gold below.

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