Heart of Gold . . .

 . . . we're up to something.      

On January 1st, 2015 I began an Adventure to change my life from one that I lived day to day, watching what would show up, to living my life as a creation.  I decided (with some loving support and nudging by my partner Patty) that I was going to design my life by consciously choosing where I was going and what I was doing.

Even before the first of the year I knew that I was going to be Designing My Life and my life immediately began to shift in exciting, empowering, and fulfilling ways.  I was charged up, I was involved, I was taking on the greatest Adventure of my life.  I was 68 years old and I was committed to making the rest of my days the best of my days.

It wasn't long before I was clear that the wonders that were opening up to me were too incredible to keep to myself, and I knew that I wanted to find a way to make it possible for others to find their own versions of living an exciting and fulfilling life through conscious choosing.

I decided to create a book to chronicle my Designing My Life adventure, and I chose to do it as a website.  That way I could continue to update and expand it, it could be available world-wide to anyone with internet access, and I could make it available for free.  My gift to anyone who was drawn to sharing it.

The book became "Designing My Life" and the web address is www.DesigningMyLife.net   There is a link in the at the bottom of each page titled "Designing My Life - the bookette" so you can access it at any time. 

I was into my Adventure for only a couple of weeks when I re-discovered the wonder and magic of the late Joseph Campbell, a world renowned mythologist.  As I explored his work and a set of interviews that Bill Moyers did with him in 1988 for PBS, I knew that his work was going to become the major guide for my Adventure.

In May of 2015 I "stumbled upon" a movie that was made about his life and his work that changed my life again.  As I learned what "The Hero's Journey" and "Follow Your Bliss" were about, I knew that this was a most vital part of designing and creating the life I wanted to be living.

Now I'm creating two books, "Designing My Life" and "Heart Of Gold" and they are joined at the hip, each with their own purpose, and this two volume set is available for one low price:  absolutely free.

Joseph Campbell is serving as our head guide and mentor as we step into our own Journeys of discovery, our own Hero's or Heroine's Journey.

At Heart Of Gold we are living the life that we came here to live.  We are on our own Paths.  We are living our own Hero's or Heroine's Journeys.

e're slaying some dragons, rediscovering and reclaiming our True Selves, learning to make conscious choices,
finding out what it means and what it takes to Consciously Create our lives -- the magnificent Life we've always longed for, that we've always known in our hearts.

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