Joseph Campbell - The Hero's Journey


In my view Joseph Campbell is among the most revered members of the Tribe of Elders. 

He brought you and me a most remarkable and generous Gift.  He gave us back our lives.

He discovered that all of the cultures on Earth, for all time have shared a common Dream.  The dream to live this human experience to the fullest and to be and do that which you originally came here for so many years ago.  The Dream to walk your particular Path of your own Hero's or Heroine's Journey.

A short clip from "Finding Joe"

This is recorded over and over in the mythologies of the ages.  It has been mapped out countless times.

Mr. Campbell's invitation is a Gift of the highest and most personal order. 

As Robin said in the clip above, when we go within and look at what we're up to in life and ask the Big Questions: Why am I here? Who am I? Where am I going? we're entering our own Hero's or Heroine's Journey. 

Campbell tells us that one road onto our Path is to Follow Our Bliss, to start doing that which we deeply love to do, that thing where we feel most alive, where time fades away and space alters.

It's an invitation to live your life as the Gift that you are, merely by including in your life that which you love to do, that which makes you truly happy. He's not telling us we have to give up our day job.  He is saying that when you begin the quest to discover what your bliss is, and then include that in the busy life you lead, there will be a significant transformation in the life you are living.  

From my own experience I've found out that when I am Following My Bliss I want to fit more and more of that into my life, because that is when I feel most alive, most in touch with who I truly am, and doing what I came here to do.  It's the most rewarding and fulfilling path I've ever been on.  It’s my own Path, not the path that somebody else made for me.  It’s a path of living my life as my own creation.

There is a very deep place in you that is longing to be back on the path You were on until you were, shall we say "distracted", or perhaps "hijacked" from your intended Journey when you were very young. 

When you have this Dream in your Life, your World shifts.

"We don't see the world as it is.
We see it as we are."
                                                      -- Anais Nin

This is a vital reminder that you have the Possibility of living your Life in this manner.  You can have this Possibility when you get on with making conscious choices to create our own Path, one step at at time.

This is consciously creating your own Life. 

   (Re-read the line above.)

This is available to you.  It's available to you the moment that you consciously choose to return to Your Own True Path, to be re-united with Your True Self.

It is that simple.


"Campbell promoted what he called a 'living mythology', a nonsectarian spiritual path through which the individual might gain a sense of spiritual purpose and through which society might be returned to simplicity and moral virtue."
-- from "Myth and Knowing" by Leonard and McClure


The best thing I can do at this point is to turn the floor over to Mr. Patrick Takaya Solomon, the creator of "Finding Joe", the film that demonstrates the "Hero's Journey" and "Follow Your Bliss" in a most delightful and inviting manner.

Click on the movie poster below to go to the next page.  You can watch a 2 minute trailer for this remarkable movie and watch Patrick Solomon, the creator of the film, describe The Hero's Journey and Follow Your Bliss .  More great clips are available on Finding Joe p.2.

       Enjoy "Finding Joe".