Your Journey -- Reclaiming Your Golden Child

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It will also appear dangerous and threatening.

Campbell calls these dangers and threats “Dragons”, Carl Jung calls them “The Shadow”. These Dragons, these Shadows, are the negative, dis-empowering, and untrue thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that you have taken on about yourself. They came from the countless “shoulds” and “should nots” that were forced on you as you were growing up so that you would conform to the beliefs of other people and the System, the society, the world in which you grew up.

Your Dragons, your Shadows, have a strangle hold on your vitality and the very essence of your True Self, which allows you a very limited experience of being fully alive.

You have to confront and conquer them to keep revealing more and more of your Golden Self. This may sound too daunting, too scary to face. It may seem that perhaps re-discovering your True Self isn’t worth the risk, the confrontations.

That is exactly what the “Dragons”, the Shadow, already have us believe. Their power is so great, so insidious, that for the most part we don’t even know they are part of us. Their power over us is held firmly in place by our beliefs and nothing more.

Learning to feel and see your Dragons, and then to confront them, overcome them, and finally to befriend them, is the most powerful work you can do. It is also the greatest gift that you can give to yourself, as it allows your glowing, vital, expansive True Self to shine through.

Your world changes, your joy and fulfillment shoot skyward, your family and friends become more beautiful, understanding, and caring, and the deep pleasure of being alive pervades you.

This is the You that you will go take into the world.  Imagine how people are going to be with and respond to you.  I'm betting good money that you're really going to like how it feels.

On your Journey you start with the smaller Dragons, the more obvious Shadows, first and handle them. You will see that to “destroy” a Dragon is to be able to see it and the hold that it has on you. It is alive and controls you because it has been invisible to you.

Becoming aware of a Dragon, seeing it and the grip it holds on you is the biggest step. “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” The “treasure” is re-opening your own True Self, the removing of the mold that was forced on you, bit by bit, feeling and experiencing. becoming more and more and more alive as your Golden Child.

Your Dragons have been deeply embedded for most of your life and they are very good at their job. They won’t necessarily just disappear once you see them, but each time you see them for what they really are their power over you is diminished. When you hear or feel your Shadow Voices as false voices you are at a very important place with them. You then have the choice to listen to them or not. This is your place of personal power.

As you move along discovering, vanquishing, and finally befriending your Dragons, you begin to search for other Shadows and Dragons to bring them into the light. Why? Because “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

You learn to recognize the Voices, the messages they whisper in your ear and in your heart, warning you of the perceived dangers they think they are protecting you from. This takes away their power and you can feel their strangle hold on you diminishing. If you want you can even name them as you come to see them. This is valuable once you have conquered and then befriended them.

I've been confronting and shining light on some of my Shadows, and I've wrestled with a few of my Dragons.  What I had believed to be so daunting, so scary, wasn't as dangerous as I imagined.  In looking back I could see that what seemed like an impenetrable wall was more like a thin veil.  It was my unquestioned beliefs that gave my Shadows and Dragons their power.

The unfathomable became more like a game. A game of taking my own life back a step at a time.  Each step of My Journey my feelings within and my view out into the world become more exciting, more beautiful, more loving.  I was once again becoming more and more my True Self.

I like this Game.  Doors were opening for me where I thought there were walls began to show up more and more. It got me wondering if this is the way the Universe works.

What a wondrous Adventure.  Are you seeing why I want you to come and play?

This is a Game that is really worth playing. The one that you’re betting your Life on.

This is recovering Your Own Golden Child, the one that you were living so many years ago.  Welcome Home.  Accept it, enjoy it, savor it, remember it.  You certainly deserve it.


Poet David Whyte recites Derek Walcott's "Love After Love". A beautiful image of meeting, recognizing, and embracing your long lost Golden Child.

“It is only when a man tames his own demons that he (or she) becomes the king (or queen) of himself, if not of the world.”

“The demon that you can swallow gives you it’s power, and the greater life’s pain, the greater life’s reply.”

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