Blogs of Gold @ The Hearts & Minds Cafe

Wherever we are on the planet, The Hearts & Minds Cafe is where we can come to connect, to listen, to share thoughts and wonders.  To meet, to inquire, to reflect & respond.  To speak, acknowledge, and encourage. 

The Hearts & Minds Cafe is a vital component of the entire Heart of Gold experience.  Communicating, supporting, questioning, chatting.  This is the heart, the dream, and the lifeblood of Heart of Gold.  This is where we carry on the Vision and Dream of Joseph Campbell in our own way.  The Dream of the possibility of all of Humankind living their own Human Experience as fully as possible.

Bring your Heart & Mind to this Conversation.  It will make a difference

Let us know what your thoughts are, what comes up for you, whatever you want or need.
   See you in the Cafe -- Lorenzo

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