Videos of Interest and Relevance

This is a small collection of some of the best and most relevant videos I've found on the Web.  Enjoy!

Note: You can watch the videos on this page, or you can watch them in "full screen" mode by clicking on the full screen icon on each video.  It will show up on the bottom right of the video when you click on the video.

"Designing My Life" - the essence preview of the companion volume to Heart of Gold.  Imagined, created, and presented by myself - Lorenzo

"What is the Hero's Journey?"  Pat Soloman - creator of the film "Finding Joe".

"Change for a Dollar" is a first rate video about changes that can be generated when we empathize and take action.  10 minutes of heart warming humanity.  Kudos to Sharon Wright and her team.

"John Marshall Roberts - The Global Urgency of Everyday Empathy"
  In this talk at a TED Conference, John Marshall Roberts makes the case for empathy, drawing on history, humility, and a hearty dose of humor.

"Validation" - is "A 16 minute fable about the Magic of Validation".  A powerful film about the magic that comes from sharing Appreciation, Gratitude, and Acknowledgment.  It's very well done.