The Book Format

When I stepped into my Journey of Designing My Life and began creating ways that worked for me to begin reshaping my days and my outlook, it dawned on me that perhaps others might find some use for what I'd been experiencing.

If it felt good to me and it was making my life more exciting and fulfilling, why wouldn't I want others to see it and decide if there might be something available for themselves.

Since I've been creating websites for a few years I decided that the easiest, least expensive, and most flexible form would be to present my Journey via the internet. Available to anyone in the world with internet access and I could keep adding to it if I wanted.


This is a book. It's composed of chapters and pages.  Like any book you could open to any page and begin.  However, like all books, there is a certain rhyme and reason to the order in which it is presented.  My preference is that you begin at the beginning and wind your way through the Adventure that is Designing My Life.  Thank you.

There are two ways to navigate this site:

1- Along the top of the page is the "Top Navigation Bar" that has the links to the chapters, which are listed in order, left to right.

2- Along the left side of each page there may be links to additional "pages" in the chapter.  They are in top-to-bottom order.

Each page you visit will have a link at the bottom that will take you to the next page in the book.


There are words that I use that I choose to capitalize that normally aren't.  I do this because these words carry deep meaning and huge Possibilities for me, and like dear friends, the word is also a name of something to me, and like all proper nouns they deserve to be capitalized.

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