"Finding Joe" - the movie  

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Invest in your Self and your future.

Owning your own copy of "Finding Joe" allows you to watch it over and over and to share it with your friends and family.  They'll want to be getting back onto their own Heroine's or Hero's Journey and rediscover their own Path as well.  That really is the Dream of every "lost" Golden Child.

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Here are some segments from the movie to get a better sense of Joseph Campbell's gift to us and what's available for all of us to live more exciting and fulfilling lives.

 1- The Golden Buddha Story -- The Golden Child within you.

 2- The Tiger and the Lamb

 3- The Hero's Journey explained

 4- Your Life Is A Journey

It's amazing how much this collection of short video clips tells us about Joseph Campbell's gifts to the world.

To watch more short clips from the movie click here.